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Supreme Veins

Supreme Veins

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  • Advanced vascular support*
  • Healthy circulation and venous vessel wall support*
  • Collagen and elastine peptides to helps maintain tone and elasticity of leg veins*
  • Helps promote healthy and comfortable legs8*
  • Micronized diosmin and hesperidin for better absorption and efficacy 12,13*
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Take 1 tablet twice a day.

Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or if you have a medical condition.


Other Ingredients: Corn starch, coating film (maltodextrin, sunflower lecithin, palm oil, gaur gum), magnesium stearate (vegetable).

Premium Leg-Comfort Formula

Supreme Veins is an advanced combination of phytochemicals and bioproducts, to support vascular integrity, blood vessel tone, normal capillary permeability and healthy leg circulation.*

Supreme Veins Diosmin and Hesperidin are micronized, reducing-nutrient particle size for better absorption and efficacy.* Supreme Veins contains also collagen type III and elastin peptides, which help promote strong blood vessels19,20.*



    Diosmin and Hesperidin are naturally-occurring flavonoids, which can be found in citrus rinds and fruits. Widely used in Europe, where they have been clinically studied, Diosmin and Hesperidin have been shown to help maintain blood vessel tone and support healthy leg circulation and capillary permeability.* Diosmin and Hesperidin also possess antioxidant properties and have been shown to positively impact healthy function of venous valves.* Diosmin supports microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels.* Hesperidin helps strengthen blood vessels and enhances the integrity of collagen.*


    Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, summing up for about one-third of its protein composition.* It builds our hair, skin, cartilage, ligaments, etc. and together with elastin peptides provide strength and elasticity to our body.*


    Elastin is an essential part of the connective tissue – it is highly elastic and helps the vessels to resume their shape after stretching or contracting.* Studies indicate its beneficial effect on healthy veins.*
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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