Collagen is a fibrillar protein which represents 25% of all proteins in the human body.

To date, 28 types of collagen have been identified, each one serving different purposes in our body.

According to studies, 75% of the collagen in our body consists of collagen type I and type III. Collagen type III contains over 19 amino acids, and is most abundant in the walls of the blood vessels.

Its primary structure is composed mainly by amino acid glycine (33%), proline and hydroxyproline (22%), further organized in a triplex helix.

Collagen type III is very important for blood vessels integrity and elasticity1.* Collagen is essential part of each blood vessel wall and gives its strength and flexibility2.* Collagen fibers build a fine network in the blood vessel wall, which supports its structure and volume1.*

The strength and elasticity of the collagen and elаstin net determines the strength of the vascular wall. Supplemental use of collagen type III and elastin allows the body to maintain healthy blood vessel walls3,4.* We formulated Supreme Veins with bioactive peptides from collagen type III, I, and elastin to ensure better absorption and efficacy5.*

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