D-mannose is a simple sugar (hexose) with a specific structure that doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. When taken orally, it’s completely resorbed in our bodies, passing through the kidneys unchanged and collecting in the urine.

In instant-release tablets, D-mannose is usually provided in high dosages (about 12 grams daily) in order to be effective. When it reaches the gut, a very small amount is absorbed, due to competition for means of transport into the cell with other sugars. The absorbed D-mannose enters the blood stream quickly, and is excreted within 90 minutes in the urine. This short period of excretion requires instant release forms to be taken in shorter intervals – about 2 to 3 hours – to be effective. Our innovative tablet with prolonged release of the ingredients allows gradual absorption of D-mannose, providing a better absorption rate and more efficient bioavailability of D-mannose in the urine for 6 to 8 hours. This helps to increase the length of support for the normal healthy environment of the urine1-3.* Prolonged release tablets also provide more convenient intake (three times daily), with superior effect and lower effective dose (3 grams daily).*

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