Boswellia is a branching tree found in the dry hilly areas of India and Pakistan.

When the tree trunk is tapped, a gummy oleoresin is exuded, which is a mixture of essential oils and resins. The resinous fraction is mainly composed of triterpenes and constitutes about 55% of the substance. It is represented by a mixture of pentacyclic triterpenes derived from boswellic acid and tetracyclic acryterpenes, beta-stentosterol and some flofabens. Small amounts of essential oils are present.

A purified extract of this resin is used in modern herbal preparations.

In modern times, Boswellia serrata is commonly used in dietary supplement for joint health support - it contains 4 major boswellic acids β-boswellic acid (BA), acetyl-β-boswellic acid (ABA), 11-keto-β-boswellic acid (KBA), 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA). Together with triterpene acids, they work in synergy to support healthy joint function and normal mobility1,2.*

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